Sitka Tribe of Alaska, Baden Sports, Join Forces to Empower Youth


New partnership creates exclusive agreement to provide Tribal Sports athletic balls manufactured by Baden to Alaska and beyond

SITKA, Alaska (June 3, 2015) – The Sitka Tribe of Alaska (STA) and Baden Sports, Inc., today announced the formation of Sitka Tribal Sports, Inc., to encourage, support and empower Native Alaskan youth – as well as American Indian youth across the country and First Nations youth in Canada – through participation in sports and business. The partnership establishes Sitka Tribal Sports as the exclusive provider of “Tribal Sports” athletic balls from Baden, including top-of-the-line game basketballs and footballs, effective immediately.

“I am proud to stand with STA and Baden Sports to realize this dream of empowering our youth to live better lives through their own efforts,” said Lawrence SpottedBird, General Manager, Sitka Tribe of Alaska. “This dream is a result of many years of planning to come together, as an Indian Tribe and a family-owned corporation, to show how this unique partnership can not only make a profit, but also build lives along the way. Of all the businesses I have worked with, this is the most rewarding.”

One of the primary goals of the partnership is to encourage Native American youth to lead healthy, drug-free lifestyles. Youth involved with the program will learn lessons in business, marketing and sales; locally, Sitka Tribal Sports has selected a youth board to be involved in decision-making processes. Additionally, Baden, a family-owned company based in Renton, Wash., will donate a percentage of net sales generated by the partnership to causes supporting Native Americans.

“We are honored and excited to be working with Sitka Tribal Sports on this historic partnership,” said Michael Schindler, CEO, Baden Sports. “We believe in the power of sports to create positive change and stand with the tribal leaders in their goals of creating a better present and future for Native youth.”

Balls sold by Sitka Tribal Sports will be branded with an exclusive Tribal Sports logo designed by award-winning, Tlingit and Aleut artist Nicholas Galanin. The logo is in the shape of a hand with a raised index finger.

Tribal Sports Logo

“The imagery represents our cultural arts’ ability to continue its relevance across platforms. The health of our community through activity and sports is an important priority,” Galanin said. “As a father, I am grateful to be included on such a project that incorporates our cultural identity with community wellness. Inside the hand is an image of a spirit face; as my instructor, Louis Minard, taught me, these faces symbolize life and movement.”

The first balls available from Sitka Tribal Sports will be basketballs and footballs, including the Elite™, Baden’s highest-quality game basketball, and the QB1™, Baden’s newest leather football, designed by former NFL quarterback Hugh Millen. Colored composite and rubber balls, as well as Baden’s traditional red playground balls, also will be available.

In addition to athletic balls, Baden manufacturers the Axe™ Bat, a revolutionary bat with an axe-shaped handle designed to fit ergonomically in a batter’s hand. The design has been scientifically proven to provide better bat control and grip stability, enhance power transfer, and improve barrel acceleration compared to bats with traditional round knobs and handles.1 The Axe™ Bat is approved for play at all amateur and professional levels and is being swung exclusively by college baseball programs across the country.

All Tribal Sports products can be purchased by contacting Sitka Tribal Sports. More information about Baden’s entire product line can be found at and