About Sitka Tribal Sports

02-Jun-2015 Sitka Tribal Sports, Inc., was established in 2014 as a Tribally-chartered corporation owned entirely by the Sitka Tribe of Alaska. In early 2015, the “Tribal Sports” brand was created to promote our line of products starting with a brand of sports balls. As a for-profit corporation, Sitka Tribal Sports is structured to make a profit and be self-sustaining. But no profits will be distributed to shareholders. Any profits earned will be used to build the organization’s capacity to reach more Native youth throughout Alaska and the nation. Profits will empower our Native youth to participate in many school activities to build their lives, and will be used to support youth travel for activities – both academic and sports – that teach how to succeed in a competitive society, but to “win with respect.” For more information, visit Sitka Tribal Sports’ Facebook page.